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This project was produced by a creative team of firefighters, animators, programmers, musicians, and volunteers who devoted many hours creating, producing, promoting and distributing "The Great Escape" since 2003. A special thanks goes out to:


A Manlab Production

Orville Laoag
Creative Director/Lead Animator

Bobbi Bean
Technical Coordinator/Animator

Jeff Derraugh

Mitch Dorge
Music and Sound

Dan Choy

Shane Ferguson
CEO Staying Alive Inc.

Randi Monteith
Administrative Assistant Staying Alive Inc.

Character Voices...

Jeff Derraugh and Mitch Dorge

And a big thanks to....

Brent Cross, Curt Shoultz,
Ryan Trembath, Jon Wark, Gary Macdonald,
Martin Johnson, and Norm Daley.

Balance TV, Canadian Living Magazine, Across the Board Magazine WSIB, Winnipeg Free Press, Winnipeg Sun, Atlantic Firefighter, Global TV, CityTV, CKY CTV, CBC Radio Canada, CBC National TV, International Association Of Firefighters, Safe Communities Coalition, Red Cross, Helensburg Fire Brigade Australia, plus thousands of Fire Departments and schools around the world.




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